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Rosé Wine

Rosé: the other Red Wine   

 Rosés and warm nights!       
Over the last several years Gale and I have made a point of trying Rosés. And we have come to really like them as a varietal. In fact, they may be one of the best wines to drink during our hot summer months. Rosé comes in all forms and is made from all types of red wine grapes. 

The reason why they are light colored is that the wine maker did not leave the skins in the juice very long, sometimes only for a few hours. The longer the skins are in the juice, the darker the wine. Rosés somewhat fall between white wines and red wines.They're made with red wine grapes, but can be chilled like a white wine. In fact, they should be served at 50 to 55 degrees, which is why they are really great during our summers.

Some “real” wine lovers will not drink Rosés. And that’s their loss!  People seem to be confused about Rosés and think they are sweet, like their pink blush sisters, the notorious White Zins. So beware, if a wine says it’s a blush or a white zinfandel, you can rest assured it is sweet.

Try a Dry Rosé Zinfandel
However, true Rosés come in all styles and flavors. Winemakers are working hard to make Rosés that are very refined, elegant, semi-dry and dry. And as I said above, Rosés are made using all types of grapes, from Rhone varietals to Merlots, Cabernets and dare I say it…Zinfandels. And increasingly, California winemakers are using Syrah grapes to make excellent Rosés that are among my favorites. And for you Pinot lovers, Rosé Champagnes made with the Pinot grape should fit nicely with your summer wine tastes.

John's Pick a Sparkling Rosé  
More and more champagnes and sparkling wines are being made as Rosés. These are not to be confused with Pink champagnes that are all too often sweet and only good for mixing with orange juice. Instead, Rosé Champagnes and sparkling wines are crisp with a delightful style and flavor that sets them apart. I have found that Rosé has become my favorite champagne and sparkling wine. The Italian winemakers do an excellent job with their Rosé sparkling wines. And Jimmy’s is a great place to find one of these nice wines.  

Several years ago Jimmy’s was closing out a Rosé sparkling wine for one of its Italian wine distributors. Seems the winery had given the wine a name that was too close to another wine’s and they had been ordered to stop selling it. It was a $20 plus wine closing out for $5.00. Gale and I tasted it and bought a case. We got home and sat outside grilling dinner and drinking our new discovery. We decided we really liked it, so I went back to Jimmy’s the next day and bought more cases. This turned out to be a great wine for drinking outdoors when it hot in Texas. And that’s when I realized how great Rosé’s could be and Gale and I have been drinking them ever since. 

Rosé at Thanksgiving 

For those of you confused about what wine goes with Thanksgiving, try a Rosé! Yes, try a Rosé that's crisp, slightly acidic and fruity, and you may find that it is the perfect wine for your Turkey dinner. And it's colorful…what more can you want!

Here are some other fun reasons to try Rosé wines;

  • They go well with ham or pork, so also try them at Easter.
  • At lunch when you’re having hamburgers, grilled cheese or other sandwiches.    
  • When a red wine seems too heavy.
  • When you are on a picnic and its warm and sunny.
  • Warm evenings when you’re sitting outside, especially if you are grilling.
  • Drink them to celebrate the arrival of spring or summer.
  • At our porch parties, especially in May and September. 

So take the time to try Rosé’s, I think you will find them refreshing and fun. And remember they are the other Red Wine!


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