Friday, March 2, 2012

The Wine Blog from a Non Wine Expert

I drink wine…I don’t write about it!

I'm not a wine expert so why am I writing this Blog? Well it’s all Beth’s fault! Yes, the President of our association must have had a bad day, because she asked me to write a wine blog!  Boy do I have her fooled. However my first reaction was, I drink wine…I don’t write about it. More important, I'm not a wine expert. 

Wine is something Gale and I enjoy, it’s an adventure we can take together. But after I thought about writing a blog, I decided maybe not being a wine expert is ok. I can write about wine and not be caught up in the really boring fine points of wine. And if you have ever watched Sideways, you know what I mean. And yes thank you, I will drink Merlot. 

Chicken Wine Glass!
Gale and I are the “old” couple that walks our dogs while drinking wine. In a wine glass no less. And the Munger Place wine events are often at our house, because we love wine and love experiencing wine with our friends. Our wine glasses come from the wineries we have visited. When drinking wine at our house, we ask you to pick a glass from the winery that fits your personality. Our nephew’s wife always picks the one with chickens on it from Gallo of Sonoma. We’re not sure why she does that. Our son always picks the glass with the wolf on it because we had a Husky dog.

Wine Country Lunch!
Wine has become somewhat of a hobby. Each year for the last 10 years, Gale and I with Gale’s sister and her husband (he’s our designated driver) go to the California wine country, where we taste wine, a lot of wine, and where we buy wine. It’s great fun and a great adventure, especially when you start tasting wine at 9:30 in the morning and you stop when the last winery closes at 5:30. Which is why we need a designated driver. I also have to admit you need to be very careful about the wine you buy late in the afternoon. Sometimes when you get home it’s not as good as you remembered after a day of wine tasting. And it can be very bad! So we have a rule…no matter what, we eat lunch, which unfortunately cuts into our tasting time! 
Tasting Wine From the Barrel!
During our wine trips we have had remarkable tours of wineries. Some have been formal tours, but most have been spur of the moment tours that were really great. We met wine makers and winery owners and we have sampled a lot of wine taken straight from the stainless steel containers and wine barrels. We have also seen a lot of grapes and wineries up close and personal.
Wine Tasting in Kansas!
When we are not visiting the wine country, Gale and I stop at every winery we can. (Our car just seems to turn into their driveways, like it has a mind of its own.) While we have visited a lot of Texas’s wineries, both good and bad…a lot bad, we have also been to wineries in states like Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina.  And we go to wine tastings whenever we can, which is always good fun. We even flew once to Kansas for a wine tasting with our nephew and his wife, which makes no sense if you think about it, which we obviously didn't. But it was fun.

Along the way we have met some really great people. We also met some really bad wine snobs! And we have had some great wine and some not so great wine. But most important we have had a lot of fun learning about wine. And I hope to share that fun and what little knowledge I have gained. I will write about our trips, about wineries we visit and I will let you know about local tastings and wines we have tried. I will also throw in some food and grilling pieces. But most all I hope that my blog will help you have fun exploring wine.



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  1. If it's my fault, I'm glad to accept the blame. Glad to see you up and blogging. Looking forward to next week!

  2. Fun article! The blog looks great:) Sad we missed the kickoff porch party!!

  3. I'm glad Beth talked you into writing the blog. I had fun reading it. Thank you Harold Stop by our house anytime when walking your dogs and get a refill. : - )

  4. Harold,

    Great job! I will look forward to reading this. Cheers my friend!

  5. Hey Harold
    I finally did it....replied that is. Thanks for doing this wine blog Harold, you are the wine meister of the hood

  6. great post, thanks for sharing and have an excellent day