Friday, April 6, 2012


Your Neighborhood Italian Wine Shop

Our Neighborhood Italian Wine Shop
Every neighborhood needs a quaint little grocery store or wine shop to call their own and help define their community. And everyone in Munger Place and East Dallas for that matter, knows ours is Jimmy’s. It’s a great little Italian grocery store with wonderful meatballs, meats, cheeses, antipasto and sandwiches. 

If you haven’t noticed, which would be impossible, they also have Italian wines, only Italian wines. With over 500 different wines they probably have the largest collection of Italian wines in Dallas.  And that wine collection has made them famous with Italian wine makers and distributors.

Jimmy's has over 500 Italian wines!
People from all over the Dallas area visit Jimmy’s, and Saturdays are extremely busy, so I somewhat hate suggesting you go then, but hey, what’s a crowd among friends. It’s great seeing everyone, and most people know that every Saturday they have a free wine tasting from 11 until 1:30, and then they change wines and have another one from 1:30 until 4:00. You don’t get a lot of wine but a taste is a taste. And often they also have a little food tasting to go with the wine.

What I have been surprised to find out is that everyone does not know that they also have larger wine tastings during the week. They are a little “hit and miss” about when they happen, but when the DiCarlo’s hold one of their free tastings in the back “wine tasting room” you should make it a point to attend. Paul DiCarlo always has some antipasto to sample with the wines. What’s also different about these tastings is that they set up two or three tables and have multiple wines, often from different distributors and different wineries. These are usually during the week and take place in the early evening.

Jimmy's Wine Tastings!
Jimmy’s also brings in winemakers and winery owners from time to time for more formal wine tastings. By more formal I mean that everyone is seated and the winemaker/owner tells you about their wine. If you are new to Italian wines or even an old hand, these are fun and very informative. It’s a great way to enjoy wine while learning about a particular wine, its region and Italian wines in general. And at theses tastings, Paul usually out does himself with more of Jimmy’s antipastos. While these tastings are not free, they are not overly expensive.

Jimmy’s also has some great wine specials and closeouts. These wines are often sold for way under their list price, which can make them very inexpensive for some nice wines. To learn more about Jimmy’s wine tastings and their wine sales, you need to get on Jimmy’s email list. And if you love wine, you do need to be on this list!


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  1. A good way to educate wine drinkers on food pairing is to conduct a wine tasting. You get to have an idea of what the best wine is for different kinds of dishes. For example, meal consisting of pork barbeque (if it has some sauce) goes very well with off dry white wine, as it will offset the sauce's spiciness.

    1. I totally agree Rob, plus wine tastings are also a lot of fun as well as educational. They are the best way to learn about what types of wine you like, and when paired with foods, what wines go well with the foods you like. At Munger Place we have used wine tastings as a way to educate our members while giving them a fun event. They have also been great fun raisers. We have at times had local wine shops bring some of their wine to taste, and once we even had some of a neighborhood “wine experts” bring a selection of their choice for everyone to taste. And the added bonus is when you can show foods that pair well with the wine! Anyone or any neighborhood can have wine tastings that are fun and easy, so get going and have one soon…and don’t forget to invite me!

      Rob thanks for the input and I hope you take the time to “Join” our blog!

      Cheers! Harold