Friday, April 13, 2012

Talya's Story

I asked Talya to write about her experience with Boone's Farm wine when she was in high school. Boone's Farm is one of the gateway wines developed by the wine industry to get young people to move into wine. These wines are always sweet and you do not usually realize how much you are drinking.

I have a similar story from a Young Republican convention when I was in college. At the end of the convention there was a large reception where they were serving Cold Duck. Somehow I ended up with a magnum of that sweet bubbly I sat on the floor with a friend from NY and drank the whole bottle while watching the reception. The next morning my eyes would not open because they had sugar cubes in them. To this day I cannot stand the smell of Cold Duck. 

Below is Talya's story, I am sure you will enjoy it. And be sure to join and follow her very entertaining blog, grace grits and gardening, which is a wonderful read about life and growing up in a small town. 


Le Boone’s Farm and How Wine Became Popular

Le Boone's Farm!
In 1978, I was excited to attend my first prom. I was dating Steve, and he was a senior. Big man on campus. Life was good. He was looking cool in his light tan(!) tuxedo, and I was feeling pretty cute in my flowered, brown, Gunne Sax dress, which I loved. Looking back, it was truly heinous. After that last dance, our group of friends quickly changed into jeans and headed over the levee to the Mississippi River - to hang out and drink... In our tiny hometown in Northeast Arkansas, near the birthplace of Johnny Cash, activities were somewhat limited.

Country Kwencher  
Steve bought beer for himself and a bottle of Boone’s Farm for me. I didn't want no stinkin' beer - it was prom night, and I would be sophisticated on prom night, thank you very much. I would drink wine, for the first time. And, I had a choice of flavors - Country Kwencher (apple), or Tickle Pink. What? Tickle Pink?? What kind of name was that? I chose Kwencher. It was 100% pure, or so the label said. So that was good, right? Plus I liked the label, and I worked all night to peel it off in one piece - a souvenir to go with my romantic wrist corsage. It featured a picture of winery/farm house on it. Someday I would own a house just like the one on the Country Kwencher label. Wait and see.

Boone's Farm Wines 
All the boys parked their trucks in a circle and we laughed and talked and listened to Boston and Bad Company, enjoying our after prom cocktails. My Kwencher was going down easily - swig after swig – right out of the bottle. It was smooth - like apple juice. What’s the big deal? Ha, I’m a natural wine drinker. Finally, of course, I had to pee really bad. We country girls just peed behind a bush - even on prom night. No biggie. But I could barely stand up, which gave me a case of the giggles.  Maybe I had been drinking Tickle Pink after all?

I didn’t drink for a while after that but when I did, Boone's Farm was my wine of choice for several years. It was the teenage gateway wine, paving the way to Blue Nun and Rossi. Sadly, Country Kwencher has now retired, but there are lots of new flavors available to usher in new drinkers daily. Maybe I will buy a bottle and check it out? It comes with great memories. 



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  1. I really should have written this one, T! describes me to a "T" ... Gunne Sax prom dress and all!! (and thanks for adding to my daily blog roll/read!)

  2. If you liked Talya’s blog “Le Boone’s Farm” take the time to read “What’s a Good Wine” which ties into what she wrote today. You can find the link at the bottom of the labels list below. And thanks Talya for a great story. Cheers! Harold

  3. I love the music pairings!

  4. It doesn't matter the decade, this story rings true for all teenage girls. My first experience was quite similar but around circa 1995. Strawberry Hill and it only tastes that good when drank directly from the bottle and not from a glass. About a year ago, I bought a bottle for old time sake and shared it with one of my other adult girl friends. We felt like silly girls. I think I might have to pick me up a bottle of that tonight, however it costs a couple dollars more now than it did almost 20 years ago!