Friday, June 29, 2012

Have A Great Summer

Have A Great Summer!! 

And I'll See You On A Porch In September!! 

The Neighborhood Wine Porch Party has decided to take a couple of months off. We will resume the Wine Blog around the same time Munger Place starts its Fall Porch Parties. In the meantime I will still post wine events that are going on in our area and other wine news as it happens. If you want something posted let me know.  I will be writing for the fall blogs so let me know if there is some wine area you’re interested in me writing about. And I am looking for some people who might want to write guest blogs from time to time. So let me know if you’re interested.  

 One of the primary reasons we started the Munger Place wine blog was to help our neighborhood get the attention and support of the local wine shops, wine bars and wineries. We are now in the process of getting ready for our neighborhood tour which will include a Wine Walk on the Friday night of the tour, September 21.

I am about to approach the area’s wine merchants and ask for their support and help with the Wine Walk. Hopefully they will be willing to donate either wine or money for wine. Gale and I are also going on our yearly trip to the California wine country and we’re hoping to use the wine blog as an incentive to get some of the wineries involved promoting their wine through our blog and the Wine Walk.

Unfortunately while we have lots of readers, only 48 people have taken the time to join the blog and over half of them do not live in Munger Place. 48 members will not impress any of the East Dallas wine merchants let alone any of the California wineries
I really need everyone to go to the blog and join it as soon as possible and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Remember you do not have to live in Munger Place to join and the more members we get the more clout we’ll have when asking for donations.

You join the blog on the top right hand side where it says “join this site” and just follow the directions that pop up. Also it would be helpful if you would also take the time to follow the blog by email and twitter, however the most important thing you can do is to join the blog and encourage others to do the same.

You reach the blog at or by going to the Munger Place web page and click on blog. 

Have a great summer, enjoy some nice Rosé and I will be blogging again in September!



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