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Geyersville And What I Did On My Summer Vacation!

Geyersville And What I Did On My Summer Vacation!

Ok so I took the summer off from blogging with the intent of writing a lot so I would have them already done and this fall would be easy blogging. As my Grandmother always said, the road to hell is paved with good intension, which is unfortunately true, since I haven’t written a single blog post. So with Gale retiring as a teacher I decided to write about “what I did on my summer vacation,” or at least what I did on our 11th trip to California wine country.

This year Gwen, Joe (or Pinky to my readers), Gale and I headed for Geyserville at the far end of Sonoma. We have been there several times but this was the first dedicated entirely to the Geyserville area. For those who’ve never been, Geyserville is a very charming small rural town that also has some really great wineries!

Downtown Geyserville has one street with three tasting rooms and a very nice Italian/gourmet pizza restaurant, all housed in old buildings. And if you ask anyone where to eat they will tell you the pizza place, so of course we eat across the street at the old country store/deli. And man did it have some really great sandwiches.

We stayed at the DeLorimier winery, part of the Wilson Family wineries, which are quickly becoming my favorite. Wilson, Mazzocco, DeLorimier and Soda Rock are a few of the Wilson wineries and they all have great wine! What was cool, besides the weather, is that DeLorimier has a two bedroom house right on the vineyards. We grilled out each night on their deck surrounded by vineyards and we had our breakfast each morning overlooking the grapes. And best of all it was 54 degrees at night and a mere 82 or so during the day. It sure beat the 100 degree days we left in Texas.

And as a special treat, each night the tasting room staff brought over their opened bottles for our drinking pleasure! You can’t beat that for service!!

The DeLorimier vineyards run up to the Russian River. So one morning we walked down to the river that runs through much of Sonoma. The river was low and moving slowly but you could tell that at certain times it could really let you know it was there. On the way back we met Jim Murphy, who was checking out his vineyards. Jim was great, showing us around the vineyard and encouraging us to taste grapes. His family once owned the Murphy Goode Winery and his wife's family owns the Alexander Valley Vineyards which often has wines at the Houston Rodeo. Jim is in charge of the vineyards so who best to show us around? By the way the Alexander Valley was named after his wife Katie's family.

We’ve had a lot of great experiences over the years. Wine makers and winery owners have given us great tours; we’ve tasted wines right out of the stainless, directly from the barrel and once from a pitcher of wine used for testing. But this time I had a really unique tasting experience. At the Zichichi Winery we went back to taste wine from the barrel, however while we were there they cleaned a barrel and started filling it with a blend of wine from several stainless steel tanks. The blended wine was being poured through a funnel into the barrel. That’s when the winemaker asked if I would like to put my glass under the pouring wine and fill it, which I did with great gusto and pleasure thank you very much!

In all we visited 13 wineries, three tasting rooms, and toured three of the wineries. With sales and some good deals we brought back four cases of wine as luggage, as did Joe and Gwen. We also shipped home 11 cases between the four of us, which we’ll sort out in October when the cases arrive. And no, they’re not coming by pony express. It’s way too hot in Texas to ship wine in August or September, so it’s coming in October.

Well that was my summer vacation! And I want to thank all of you for reading my blog and putting up with my summer wine blog hiatus. I promise fun and informative blogs this fall. I will be writing more about the wineries we visited and I asked several to send information so I can spend more time telling you about them and their wines.

And if you still haven’t joined the blog, what’s taking you so long?

See you at a Porch Party! And have some great wine with friends!


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  1. October will be here soon! John and I will be happy to help you drink through that wine.