Friday, September 28, 2012

The Almost Annual Tour of Historic Homes!

Wine Walk, Cake Walk, Cookie Contest, Pet Parade, Historic Home Tours, Bands and Food Trucks!!

Last weekend Munger Place had its almost annual Tour of Historic Homes.  It was a great success and the best tour ever! I don’t mean how much we made; I’m talking about fun and excitement!

We had great houses, which always makes the tour better. Although I'm still thinking about the house with the very nice cellar. Someone added built-in wine racks that would hold at least 1000 bottles. There were only 17! Yes I counted them!! The present owner doesn't drink, so there were board games and books all leaning at strange angles. That bothered me, especially since I have boxes of wine just lying around!

Harry’s house was on tour during the Wine Walk and it was a big hit. As someone said, it was the only house that looked lived in. We were on tour once and someone actually asked me “does this house really look like this or did you bring furniture and things in for the tour?”  Yes & No! 

The Wine Walk itself was a great new addition. We had wine at every house and even champagne in a can…not very romantic but fun! We also had Wine Popsicles  which were perfect for a hot night. Although I still prefer my wine in a glass. That said, while working the “History House” I was busted by my friend Brenda for having wine in a cup! Hey drinking wine while explaining our neighborhood’s history makes sense! Besides it was after 5:00!!

Talya said our cookie contest was great fun and the judges were very serious. OK now how do you get that job? The cake walk was also a big hit and next year we may duplicate it with wine!!! The kids all loved the pet parade and the bands were all really good. But I think the food trucks made the street festival the best it’s ever been.   

So the tour is over and fun was had by all! If we have our almost annual tour next year, don’t miss it, don’t even be late!!

Now on to the Great State Fair of Texas!!!    



 The Neighborhood Wine Porch Party!! 

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  1. Enjoyed the read. I think the Wine Walk was a great addition this year. Sorry I missed the Almost Annual Home Tour this year. Talya's Mom

  2. It was the best tour of my 10 years:)) Loved the wine walk and all the new additions, especially the food trucks. The champagne in a can was super cute AND the winescicles were wonderful on a hot weekend. The homes were all fabulous and really showed off our amazing neighborhood. We will definitely be having another tour next year - we are on a roll!

    and, nice blog length Harold! T.

  3. Great summary, Harold. It was a wonderful tour weekend - kudos to the hard working organizing committee and all the homeowners who gave up their homes for the weekend. I hope the wine walk comes back! Now we are off to another great fall tradition - the State Fair!!