Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Great State Fair of Texas & Wine

The State Fair Is On And Wine Can be Found All Over The Fairgrounds! 

State Fair wine is mainly jug or box wine. A few places sell Texas Wine out of large bottles which costs more! I guess it costs more because it’s from Texas and in a bottle. Be careful the wine in a bottle sometimes comes in smaller cups.

From my point of view, stick with jug or box wine. Our friend Harry would be excited to know that the jug wine is Carlo Rossi. Harry would be right at home…maybe that explains why he worked at the Fair for so many years!

Some of the booths don’t sell wine; instead they sell wine coolers and wine margaritas. But for my part I’m sticking to wine in a box.  It’s the easiest to get, and you are at the Great State Fair of Texas…home of everything imaginable fried. So why not wine in a box to go with those fried delicacies!!  And my favorite place to get my wine in a box is at Hanns Mueller’s in front of the Cotton Bowl, where my two favorite pourers are Billy and Wanda!

You can also get Texas Wine by the glass or have a tasting or two at the Texas Wine Garden. Each day different wineries are there and the wine is often poured by the winery owner. This gives you the opportunity to try some Texas wine and ask questions without actually traveling to a winery. And while you are at the Wine Garden check out the Wine Country Bistro and its cheeses and fruit platters.

And for a final treat go by the "DMarie" booth in the Grand Place or "Mix It Up" in the Craft Pavilion. Both have mixes for making wine slushies that are great for our hot summers. The "DMarie" slushies have a more traditional wine taste while "Mix It Up" comes in frozen cocktail flavors. Both are great so pick the one you like.

But no matter what you do, remember our State Fair is a Great State Fair, don't miss it, don't even be late. And always have some wine with whatever fried food you try!   


The Neighborhood Wine Porch Party At The Great State Fair of Texas!

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