Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Magic Kingdom of Wine

Epcot & Wines Around The World!

It’s great fun to take young children to Disney World. Well almost always fun! It can at times be stressful for them and their parents. We took our kids several times, and seeing their faces light up is well worth the effort.

However getting a much needed adult beverage at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom has been impossible unless you’re a member of Club 33. Which brings me to Epcot and Wines Around the World.

Several years ago Gwen, Joe, Gale and I went to the Wonderful world of fun!! And fun it was!! In fact we had more fun as adults than we ever did taking the kids!! I think we only had one melt down!

With Park Hopper Passes we went to a different park each day to ride the rides and see the attractions! And without kids you really do get to see more than you do herding cats…I mean kids! Each afternoon at five we went over to Epcot to have wine at the different countries…Wines Around The World!

The funny thing about Epcot, of the 11 countries represented only two do not have wine! One is Mexico which is unfortunate because they have some nice wine! The other is the US! That’s right the US only has beer! If you want American wine just go to Norway where you’ll find it! Now figure that one out.

We stayed just off the park and rode a Disney bus each day. Since our Kids knew about our Wines Around the World plan they were concerned we would never find our bus after our worldly wine hopping excursions. But being resourceful adults we made signs that asked people to take us to our bus parking spot if they found us wandering around lost! Hey you got to do what you got to do!

So if you really want to see Disney World, go in the spring or fall and leave the kids at home. I promise you’ll have a great time, especially if every afternoon you go to Epcot and experience Wines Around the World!

And if you must take the kids, you’ll need Wines Around the World!


And Here Are The Members Of The Long Awaited...
The Neighborhood Wine Porch Party Wine Panel!! 

John Boerner
Paula Day
Gale Green
Talya Boerner
Chris Carlisle 
Regis Allison
Harold Green

And A Special Note: Kevin Rogers will be a member if he ever figures out how to join the blog!

Throughout the year the Wine Panel will be tasting & reviewing wine for our readers. 

The Neighborhood Wine Porch Party!!!



  1. Great read Harold. Maybe Talya, Staci, and I can go to Magic Kingdom without all the kids.

  2. Wow, when Kevin joins the blog, I suspect I'll be booted... I'm not worthy.

  3. I would not worry about that, he’ll never figure it out and besides I choose the members and you have been chosen worthy!!

  4. And yes Fred the three of you should go; you’ll have a great time!!!