Friday, October 26, 2012

Paso Robles...A Highway Runs Through It!

Two Different Sides of the Road...Like Night & Day!

Paso Robles has become one of my favorite wine destinations. And why not, it’s like going to two different wine regions right next to each other...and they both have great wine! You see Paso Robles has a highway that runs through the middle and that road divides the area into two totally different wine regions in both look and feel.  

One side of the road is very flat with acres and acres of vineyards. This is the home of some of the region’s largest wine producers. And believe me it is very impressive to drive through vineyard after vineyard!

The other side of the road immediately starts up the side of a small mountain. The wineries on this side are boutique wineries where the vineyards grow on the side of mountains, hills and along curved tree lined roads.

The two distinct areas and types of wineries easily makes Paso Robles a great wine trip, which helps explain why it has quickly become one of California’s hottest and fastest emerging wine regions. But make no mistake, Paso has some great wines and deserves its growing reputation.  

On our last visit we stayed at the Firestone winery on the flat side of the road. (Its now Eos Estate, but it still has a great tasting room and some really nice wine!) Each evening we sat on their patio, drinking wine while grilling dinner! What a great way to end a day!!

One of our favorite stops in Paso is Penman Springs. Located in a small farm house its charm is heightened by the wonderful personality of its owner Beth McCasland! Adding to the wine experience are dips, breads and cheeses. This is a must stop on any trip to Paso!   

Pear Valley is one of my favorite on the flat side of Paso. Its a modern winery with some really nice wine. On the Mountain side of Paso I really like the charm of all the wineries. But if I must pick a favorite, it would be Doce Robles which is in a small quaint farm house.  Both have very nice wines complimented by friendly laid-back staffs.

In fact good wine and laid-back pretty much sums up all of Paso’s wineries!

Located about half way between LA and Oakland, Paso Robles is a little harder to get to than many California regions, but for a cool wine adventure you’ll love it!


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