Friday, January 25, 2013

Choosing The Right Wine Glass

Excuse Me But Your Wine Glass Seems To Be Missing It’s Stem!

I need to start by mentioning that while we have lots of different wine glasses we only use the ones we got from the wineries we’ve visited. They come in all sizes and shapes and I find it strange that even the small glasses hold a surprising amount of wine.

I also need to confess that I am extremely clumsy and have a tendency to break wine glasses. It’s a little hard to replace the winery glasses so I use a plastic wine glass. I realize that’s not correct but it’s easier than flying to California for a replacement every time I break a glass.

However for normal wine drinkers a good everyday wine glass is a clear tulip-shaped 8 ounce wine glass with a stem.

The stem really is needed because it allows you to hold the glass by the stem and not the tulip part of the glass. That’s important because your body temperature will raise the temperature of the wine, which will affect its taste.

Several years ago stemless wine glasses became trendy. A couple of our neighbors always bring those to our porch parties. And I always, much to their irritation, bring up that their glasses are missing stems.  

I realize that in the French and Italian countryside wine is often served in water glasses. However that does not alter the fact that body temperature will affect the wine. When using a stemless glass, hold it at the top. So your hand is not covering the wine.

When drinking a really nice wine, clear 10 ounce glasses are best for both white and red wine. They will allow you to swirl the wine which opens its flavor and bouquet.

The shape of the glass is also important. Glasses that narrow some at the top are better for white wine. They help keep the wine chilled while concentrating the aromas. Large rounder shaped glasses are better for red wine. They’re designed for swirling which brings out the wines true fragrance and taste. 

And while I always like a bartender to give me a generous pour, wine glasses should never be filled more than halfway. And for a 10 ounce glass that means you need to keep your pours at 5 ounces.

Fortunately I have two glasses that will hold a bottle of wine!


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  1. We have new cool stemless plastic wine glasses for around the pool. We drink it fast enough not to worry about our body temperature affecting the wine.

  2. Well Talya as always you have me on that one. You’re right, if you drink the wine fast enough it doesn’t matter if you have a stem or not! And the heck with swirling, you might spill some wine in your pool!! Cheers! Harold

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