Friday, February 1, 2013

The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, Wine & Pinky!

Pinky Goes To The Rodeo!

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
Pinky went to the Fort Worth Rodeo last week. You know Pinky…Joe Koch… my brother-in-law and designated driver on our wine trips. He’s called Pinky because he always drinks White Zinfandel and from time to time he’ll ask the staff at one of the wineries if they have any “Pinky, you know White Zinfandel.”

Well he went to the rodeo this year, which may not seem like much, except he didn’t go last year.

Talya, Gale & Gwen  

You see, four years ago Pinky, Gwen, Gale and I decided to start going to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. We stay at the Stockyard Hotel, which is great fun for people watching, we eat at Joe Ts and drink mass quantities of wine! What makes the trip great is all our kids living in Texas join us at the rodeo along with several friends. In fact this year we were joined by our good friend Talya, who’ll hopefully go with us for years to come.

Michael & Ryan! 

Now mind you, last year’s rodeo was great, especially since our son Michael and grandson Ryan came down from DC to join the festivities!!  But still there was something missing.

Pinky didn’t come…he had heart bypass surgery instead. And the rodeo wasn’t the same.

Joe "Pinky" Koch
Every family needs a Pinky! Ours is a little ruff and crude at times. He’ll drink beer during the day and pinky at night!!! He’s also one of the nicest people you’ll meet and if you need anything he’s there! When we’re together its dueling brother-in-laws which is great fun. And without him the atmosphere changes. But most important…he's one of my best friends! And the rodeo wasn’t the same without him! And you never know how much someone adds to an event or your life until they’re not there!!

But with Pinky back in all his spender, all was well in the world and the rodeo also seemed to be just a little bit better!!!    

Talya & Gale drink beer 
Now when it comes to wine, the Fort Worth rodeo isn't Napa Valley. In fact wine is a little hard to find...even pinky. Talya said “I guess if you’re at the Rodeo they expect you to drink beer!” And she may be right. In the main pavilion there are only two places that sell wine. Both pour Sutter Home out of those small bottles at $5.00, which beats most airlines for price. A few other places around the grounds also sell the small bottles of red, white and pinky!

Now in the coliseum where the Rodeo is held, there seems to be only one place that sells wine. And like most events they sell Texas’ Saint Genevieve out of big bottles for an inflated $7.50.  And with only one place selling wine, it’s a little hard to find. And if you’re on the wrong side of the coliseum it can be a hike!  

That's wine in my glass!!

And why is wine always served in small plastic glasses at crowded events?

The glass is filled to the top so you can’t walk without spilling on you and everyone else in the crowd! So my advice, have your wine put in a beer cup!! You’ll get to drink more of your wine and save everyone being sloshed on!

Now the Fort Worth Rodeo does have some cool wine merchandise even if there’s not much wine.  

Wine slush!!
Cowhide wine cooler!!
One of the best is the Frappe’ Vino wine mix by d’marie. This mix allows you to make great wine slushes out of red and white wines as well as fruit wines and liquors. They were giving out free samples which were not only fun but also convincing sellers!! There were also wine glasses, stoppers, lazy Susans out of wine barrels and even a cowhide wine cooler!!  So if you were shopping for wine stuff it was there…just not much wine!

But most of all this year’s rodeo had Pinky…which made it just a little bit better!!!

Pinky says Cheers!!! 


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