Friday, April 19, 2013

Talya & Corks!

Talya To The Rescue!

Because I Got Nothing!! 

I started my blog off last year saying that I drink wine I don't write about it. And sure enough every once in a while I can't think of anything to write. Often
Talya To The Rescue 
one of my readers will make a suggestion and I suddenly can write a blog, sometimes a way too long one at that!

Well this time nothing...I mean total blank. Luckily I have a great friend that's a prolific writer. She's writing a novel, a children's book, she blogs and blogs some more. And if you read my blog very often you know I'm talking about Talya Boerner. 

She appears here often and today she is coming to my rescue. That's all I got so here's Talya...


We drink wine in our house. As a result, we have bowls and bowls of wine corks. Only so many can be used as decorations. 

I decided to put a few to work this spring as garden markers. This project is simple and quick. 

All you need are corks, wooden skewers and a sharpie marker. 

Secure the skewer to the bottom of the cork. The skewer is sharp so it can easily be screwed in. Cut or break the skewer to the size desired. Label the cork with the plant and stake it in the ground.

That's it!

Annabelle, my garden helper:)


Grace Grits & Gardening
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